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Magic: The Gathering. For the majority of us, we’re not new to TCGs. We probably have played Magic at some point in our lives that has led us to Hex. If we haven’t, we’ve probably heard about it. These past couple of years have seen an increase in Magic players due to the success of Duels of the Planeswalker which is available for PC, XBox 360, Playstation 3, iPad, and Android tablets. This article is written to help show the similarities between Magic and Hex. It’s also here to help those that want to learn about Hex. They can do so by playing Duels of the Planeswalker while they wait for the Hex alpha to hit.


VampireOutcasts CorruptHarvester
Vampire Outcasts Corrupt Harvester

Troops are just like creatures, they act the same way. In this example they both have the equivalent ability of dealing damage and gaining that much life, Lifelink vs Lifedrain. There are other abilities creatures can share from Magic:

Haste = Speed
Flying = Flight
Vigilance = Steadfast
Defender = Defensive
First Strike = Swiftstrike
Hexproof = Spellshield
Trample = Crush


AvenShrine BlessingTheFallen
Aven Shrine Blessing the Fallen

Enchantments are pretty much the same as Constants. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Creature Constant come along in an expansion or two. You can also have artifacts that give off effects like constants.


PyriteSpellbomb SappersCharge
Pyrite Spellbomb Sapper’s Charge

Artifacts work the exact same way as they do in Magic. You can only cast them during your main phases. It wouldn’t surprise me to see cast-able equipment come along in the game at some point.

Sorcery/Basic Action

Divination OracleSong
Divination Oracle Song

Sorceries are the same as Basic Actions. They can only work on your turn during the main phases, and only when you have priority and there is nothing that needs to be resolved.

Instant/Quick Action

GiantGrowth WildGrowth
Giant Growth Wild Growth

Instants work like Quick Actions. You can cast those at any time you have priority.


Forest Wild_Shard
Forest Wild Shard

Lands are the same as Resources, they’re what you use to play cards. In Magic you use a Forest to create 1 green mana. In Hex you use a resource to gain 1 wild (green) threshold which is semi equivalent to green mana, you also gain 1 resource for the turn and the game (1/1), and 1 charge for your champion. Every turn you gain your resources just like untapping your lands in Magic. Having 1 forest would allow you to play any card in Magic that has only 1 green mana symbol in the casting cost.

Go back and look through the examples. You’ll see I’ve done my best to match up casting costs and effects. Vampire Outcasts has a converted casting cost of 4 (2 colorless, 2 black). Corrupt Harvester has a casting cost of 4 and you need to have at least 2 purple threshold. 2 purple threshold would be equivalent to having two swamps in play.

Once alpha hits I’m hoping to do a couple of Let’s Play videos with one of my co-hosts.

12 Responses to Magic Hex Mix

  • Govir
    September 11, 2013

    I was under the impression that Spellshield was equivalent to Shroud, not Hexproof. This makes me sad, as I also think Hexproof is too powerful.

    I don’t agree that we’ll see an equivalent to Magic’s Equipment cards. I say this because there is currently no mechanic to attach cards to other cards. For example, there are no Troop “Enchantments.” Instead we have Basic and Quick actions that give permanent effects, which simulate Creature Enchantments from Magic. They could get around this or set a new precedence, but I don’t know if it’ll be anytime soon.

  • PET
    May 15, 2014

    Gratz! You made it to an official document!

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